Over the last few weeks, we have gone down the rabbit hole of entering the world of hacking. There are two paths when we come to the point of finalizing strategies and this decision is ultimately one of the hardest decisions you will need to make. This decision could result in a lifetime of problems, it could result in fame, or it could result in a payday. The execution of an exploit can be quite simple, but the decision to do so without the proper weighing of the situation will result badly. …

Reconnaissance information is of critical importance. The proper collection and classification will help with decerning targeted analysis. This in turn will establish the foundation of models for testing and will help with the general strategy for planning for how to execute an operation. Today we are covering the handling of the analyzing of data, how to properly set up a test environment, finding vulnerabilities, and establishing our strategy. This article is for educational purposes only and I am not responsible for your actions.

Analysis of a situation can provide the greatest returns as long as it is accurate data you are analyzing.


If you followed along with the recon article and have gathered some much crucial intel on the…

Defensive strategies require understanding how an adversary will employ tactics to determine weaknesses. Offensive strategies are often most successful when the executor of the strategy is familiar with defensive tactics, such as the ones covered in the previous article. Often, the weakest link in any security chain is people. People keep passwords simple, ports open, and information being disclosed.

Recon is a physical, digital, and mental chess battle between target and the adversary. Offensive and defensive tactics are reliant on proper recon data. The wrong data can result in loss.

This information is for educational purposes only. I am not responsible for YOUR actions.


Reconnaissance is the preliminary survey to gain information, often used in the military as a survey of an enemy or target. In hacking it is the same…

Covert ops exist globally and domestically, many share a common goal but require an sizeable quantity of work to accomplish their goals through standard methods. Governments and organizations will sometimes utilize resources that are thrown into their laps in order to accomplish a task. I’m going to talk about some of these that have played out in the real world. I will be using some real world examples that actually happened involving the United States government, hackers, journalists, and activists.

You definitely should always do your own research about subjects.

You definitely shouldn’t and you should always do your own research about subjects.


Some of the individuals covered in this article may be…

Now that we are off to a fresh start to 2021, it is a good idea to install Linux for the new device we have obtained. In this article, I will walk you through several considerations and how to install Linux on your device. Do note your device may require a couple of configuration changes specifically on its needs, but I will get into that here. We will also do some hardening of the operating system as well as good defensive strategies with Linux. A solid defense will lead to a great understanding of offensive tactics when needed.

This information…

2020 was a hell of a year for most people. Privacy is being eroded quicker under the pandemic, but there is a silver lining. In the new year, we should all strive for better privacy and access to anonymity. Privacy is not anonymity and vice versa. Along with protecting ourselves with proper operational security with a solid defense, we also will need a solid offense. Every Monday I will be covering topics on privacy, hacking digital defense as well as offense, and other security-related topics. …

This article is an introduction to metadata, some of the overlooked methods in how it is collected, and the precursors of profiling. The information provided here will hopefully provide you a better understanding of threat modeling around metadata collection. Privacy takes work to keep and anonymity takes even more work. There is no silver bullet, let’s do a light introduction into the world of operational security, threat modeling, and metadata collection.

Assume cameras are everywhere, assume they are actually monitoring, and take precautions.

Operational Security(OpSec)

Operational Security or OpSec is the security of your operation(s). This applies to your day to day disclosures of information to companies, social media usage, and other activities you…

This article was requested on how to set up hidden services that would protect the operator. Like most things, there is an easy way and a difficult way when it comes to hidden services. If you do things the easy way, you could compromise the location of your host. Good OpSec, best practices, and an understanding of how the Tor network works will pay off dividends for privacy when running hidden services.

Like a lovely escape tucked away on a mountain, mitigating vulnerability starts with proper planning. Let’s work on limiting system vulnerabilities as a hidden service operator.

*Disclaimer: This information is presented for educational purposes and I am not responsible for your actions. What YOU do with this information is YOUR responsibility.*

Hidden Service Risks

Please pause here and go read the following article. The aforementioned article covers what is a hidden service and even how to set one up. In this article…

We take a lot for granted. What happens when we can no longer rely on the way we normally use internet or power? What happens if you are in a situation where you may need to get communications? Let’s take a look.

A home with solar panels, but there are plenty of other options.


Most people rely heavily on the power grid to get their electricity that powers their homes, computers, and their lives. Some conditions may have adverse effects on this such as natural disasters, cyber attacks, or where they choose to have a structure they wish to power. Internet and power are so ubiquitous for most American’s that it is…

This article is a collection of interesting methods to use the Tor network for more than just what it is perceived to be used for. This is a way to utilize the overlay network to prevent need to punch holes in your firewall at home, prevent need for dynamic dns, and you might find your own interesting uses.

Just as there are many types of onions, there are many ways to use Tor.

Tor, the layers.

Tor, The Onion Router, is an overlay network originally designed by the United States Navy. It is still mostly funded by them. Many may inquire as to why this software should be trusted, that answer is quite simple. The same level of…


General purpose hacker and deadhead. Sometimes I do things…

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